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I’m Farsheed Kheirabadi fom Utopia.
For a long time, I was born in spring. My homeland is Poetry. I need to know philosophy of art 
and aesthetics. Style of my poem is philosophical Postmodern and abstract like "Omar Khayyam", 
"Bayazid Bastami" and "Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi". Style of photography is conceptual and minimalism. I 'm taking photo in commercial photography.
My proficiency is Computer Project Management. I am studying and researching forever and 
training computer science for a long time.
I currently administrate " " organization that based on postmodern art 
and literature.
F.A.N Media is media network established by that , 
e-magazines, Websites and online exhibition. Farsheed Kheirabadi Farsheed.Art.Network

publishes e-books
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